Jamie Harrell

Jamie Harrell

Techno-Geek, Enthusiast, and Developer


About Me

A technology addict, with a desire to stay on-top of emerging technologies, I often find myself driving my wife mad with news of the latest and greatest tech and how it will forever change our humble existance. Specific areas of interest include Linux, web application development, minimalist computing, and various life hacks.

I ramble on about various bits over at my blog, I socialize on Twitter and Google+, and I share pictures I take over at a photoblog my wife and I share. In my spare time (what of it there is), I am a true gamer at heart enjoying titles like World of Warcraft, Nation States, and whatever else I can find of interest on Steam. I also love music, which is never far from me, and relaxing watching a movie or three.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, I am currently a permanent resident in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. A move I made shortly after marrying my lovely wife, Erin, in September 2011. We carry out our lives ever mindful of our true owners, the cats of the household, Violet and Sasha.

I also happen to be currently available for hire, and you can contact me by downloading my vCard or sending me an E-Mail directly.



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